//Industry: HR

Tech-Stack: Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Solr, ReactJS
Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS, Travis CI, GitHub
Main functionalities at a glance
  • Solr search solution for jobs and companies
  • Bidirectional data exchange with Salesforce
  • Job search with integrated preview based on React
  • Job export to the Federal Employment Agency, LinkedIn and Xing
  • Automatic campaign management on Facebook and Google Ads
  • Tracking and reporting of company-relevant values ​​(KPIs)

The Yourfirm job portal specializes in German medium-sized companies. For several years it has been helping employers to find qualified personnel and employees to get desired jobs.

The founding fathers of djangsters have been with yourfirm GmbH since its inception as a startup. At that time we designed the technical side of the project on the basis of Django and Python. This enabled us not only to quickly develop a prototype of the website, but also to create a stable and high-performance foundation for the web application.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, djangsters is constantly developing the web platform. Among other things, we have converted the front end into a responsive single page application. This enabled us to significantly increase the conversion of users.

We are constantly developing the web application and working closely with the customer's own IT. In addition to this, we are always there in a role of an IT sparring partner to advance the project together.


//Industry: HR

Tech-Stack: Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Solr, ReactJS
Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS, Travis CI, GitHub
Main functionalities at a glance
  • Regionally optimized Solr search solution
  • Multiportal web application
  • Intelligent display of job advertisements on suitable portals

The Regio-Jobanzeiger GmbH & Co. KG is a network of over 90 regional job search portals. The web application developed by djangsters allows employees of Regio-Jobanzeiger to easily create and manage a multitude of job search portals.

This enables them to optimize the network for new requirements and to expand it independently on demand.

Djangsters is a reliable consulting and development partner for Regio-Jobanzeiger. We continuously implement new functionalities and support the dynamic growth of the web application.


//Industry: HR

Tech-Stack: Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Solr, AngularJS
Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS, Travis CI, GitHub
Main functionalities at a glance
  • Dynamic generation of landing pages from keyword matrices
  • Solr-based job search
  • Integration of Google AMP
  • Implementation of GDPR-compliant internal tracking
  • Whitelabel search solution for integration in external portals

Stellenonline is one of the top 10 meta job search engines in Germany. The web solution we developed searches over half a million jobs quickly and reliably to find the right vacancy.

The joint project of djangsters GmbH and Stellenonline AG started in 2015 with the aim of reinventing the website and establishing the portal as one of the leading job search engines.

To do this, we collected requirements, created specifications and implemented the initial version within the agreed schedule.

During the development and maintenance of the web application, we focused on short development cycles using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

Bröndby - Oberschule Berlin

//Industry: Education

Tech-Stack: Python 3, Django, MySQL
Infrastructure: aditsystems, Travis CI, GitHub
Main functionalities at a glance
  • Multi-user Django backend
  • Intuitive to use CMS
  • Roundcube Email Suite

The Bröndby-Oberschule in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf is attended by around 1000 students. The school offers a job for over 100 teachers and employees. Since 2014, djangsters has been developing, maintaining and operating the school's website and e-mail systems with the support of hosting partner ADITSYSTEMS. The content management system (CMS) used enables teachers to edit the website easily and independently.

Thanks to the self-administration system, the school management can set up new and manage existing e-mail addresses. Our ongoing maintenance keeps the website up to date. Through close monitoring, we maintain a high level of security against attacks and unauthorized access.


//Industry: Education

Tech-Stack: Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Vue
Infrastructure: Ubuntu LTS VMs, Travis CI, GitHub
Main functionalities at a glance
  • PostgreSQL based data management system
  • Vue based web application for data entry

The Bavarian State Office of Education is responsible for conducting and analyzing the annual final tests in all Bavarian schools. Djangsters was commissioned to migrate the web application from Python2 to Python3 and to implement the front end as a modern single page application.

We continuously maintain the input and analysis system to ensure security of the stored data. In addition, we develop the web application on demand and advise on all aspects of IT security and user experience (UI / UX).


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