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8 tips to bring your website images to the next level

16 April 2024

Long ago the World Wide Web was a hellscape of nothing but text. Then some genius realized you can encode images and have browsers display them and the world was forever changed.

How we automated and sped up data collection by a magnitude

21 February 2024

If you run a business then you have a process. It’s the set of activities you have to do to get your product or service to your client. Good Businesses have good processes, great businesses use business process automation.

Working With Large Data on Frontend

9 October 2023

Today we are going to take a look at a few ways to improve your app’s performance when dealing with large data.

Digitalization of VERA or how we aced the test

21 June 2023

Today we would like to talk about one of our most recent successes. We were tasked to do an upgrade and enhancement that involved Django, Vue.js, beautiful plots and some fascinating mathematics.

Thoughts on pentests from a Django developer’s perspective

9 May 2023

At djangsters we care about security. We care so much about security that the batteries-included approach to it that Django follows is one of the main reasons Django is a fundamental building block for our web apps.

Hello Vite: Sinking my teeth into Vite

15 March 2023

I wasn't initially excited about Vite, I mean I was excited about the idea of a faster dev server, but I wasn't a fan of Vue. Sebastian on the other hand was very excited about it, and he was right, Vite is awesome.

Automate chores - be happy - repeat

22 February 2023

Scheduled or just repetitive tasks tend to feel like chores, sucking out creativity and inspiration. Regardless they still have to get done. As software developers we are not an exception in having such tasks, but we have something up our sleeve - namely skills to automate!

JavaScript Developers Are Using Shiny Rusty Tools. Here’s Why.

24 November 2022

The benchmark results for Next.js 12 are convincing. But is it worth the switch?

Integrating React with Django

19 September 2022

The base Idea is not that weird, it’s not even new. We are just extending a Django template with javascript to give it interactivity. That’s it.

A djangster story on Storybook

23 February 2022

When we started work on a new home page for one of our clients, we opted to grow our toolset by introducing Storybook among other things. Here are our thoughts on it.

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